Case Study 事例紹介

Research institute

ITP – Instituto Tecnológico Pesquero (Contractor: JS Industrial) , Peru

Installation Site : ITP – Instituto Tecnológico Pesquero del Perú, a Peruvian research institute on food products
Contractor        : JS industrial, Peru

Q1: What was the deciding factor of CAS introduction?

A1: A determining factor in the organoleptic quality of the frozen product is the size of the ice crystals. Ideally, the nucleation rate should be high, so that a large number of ice cores are formed; if the speed of heat extraction from the system is adequate, many small ice crystals will be formed, which will cause little loss of food quality.


Q2: What is the advantage after CAS introduction?

A2: Improve the supply, productivity and quality of their products for the domestic market as well as abroad. To better preserve the quality of fresh food and reduce freezing time.


Q3: What has changed compared to before CAS was introduced?

A3: We used to use a horizontal freezer