FAQ よくある質問

What does CAS mean ?

CAS is an acronym for Cells Alive System

CAS has been registered as a trademark? Also, is it possible to sell products as a CAS product?

Yes, the trademark of CAS has been registered. Those frozen by the quick freezer with CAS engine can be sold as CAS products.
* Please be careful about similar products of CAS.

Is the CAS engine a quick freezer?

No, CAS is not a quick freezer.
* The CAS engine itself does not have a freezing function. The technology that revive cells alive is the CAS engine.

What’s so great about the CAS engine?

By using CAS, it is possible to return to the same quality as before freezing in terms of flavor, texture, drip amount, color, etc.

What is the difference from other manufacturers that freeze using a magnetic field?

Please compare and verify our CAS engine and other manufacturers by yourself and check the difference in flavor, texture, freshness, color, etc.

I am currently owning a quick freezer from another manufacturer. Is it possible to retrofit a CAS engine?

Yes, it is possible to retrofit only the CAS engine to your quick freezer.

Is it possible to retrofit the engine to any kind of quick freezer?

It depends on the specifications of your quick freezer. We will check the drawing once and make a decision.

Do you sell a quick freezer with CAS engine for general household use?

No, only for commercial.

Is CAS technology used only in the food industry?

CAS technology is also used in the medical and chemical fields.
Please see our website for details.

How much is processed per hour?

In the case of the smallest CT-5 (5 trays), the processing amount per hour is about 15 kg.

How long is the freezing time?

Depending on the thickness and sugar content of the ingredients, a 200g fillet can be frozen in 40 minutes.

Does CAS frozen ingredients require a special thawing method?

Most ingredients are not difficult thawing methods such as natural thawing, refrigerated thawing, and running water thawing.

Does the transportation of CAS frozen ingredients require special delivery?

There is no problem with delivery by normal freezing shipping. Also for export overseas, there is no problem with ordinary freezing container ships.
* Once thawed during the transportation process, CAS loses its effectiveness.

What ingredients are suitable for CAS freezing?

It is suitable for all food products such as raw materials such as marine products and livestock products and their processed products.

Where is it used overseas?

Such as Asia, Europe and North America.

How long until it deliver ?

It depends on the time, but basically it is about 3 months.

How long is the warranty?

1 year

Is it possible to request a freezing experiment for ingredients?

Yes, it’s possible. Please inquire from the contact form.