Case Study 事例紹介

Processed and cooked foods

Sato Foods Co., Ltd.

Q1: What was the deciding factor of CAS introduction?
The high technical prowess.

Q2: What is the advantage after CAS introduction?
Being able to expand sales channels and develop new products

Q3:What has changed compared to before CAS was introduced?
Because we are extremely particular about our products, we did not think about selling frozen foods, but thanks to the introduction of CAS, we can now consider selling various frozen products.

Q4: Please share any other comments or impressions that you may have.
Because of this technology, we have received many compliments from our customers. For example, some have said that the batter of our fried products remains crispy, that juice from the meat flows out even after thawing, and that the products do not seem to be frozen food at all.