Case Study 事例紹介

Fisheries/marine products

Taehwa Industry (THI Refrigeration), Korea


Q1: What was the deciding factor of CAS introduction?

A1: When we were planning to renovate the fishery product processing base, ABI and DongjuAce Corp, company distributor, recommended CAS to us as the best solution because we normally catch a large amount of Namhae’s raw white bait in the spring and it enables to stock and sell all year round.


Q2: What is the advantage after CAS introduction?

A2: The advantage of CAS is that differing from general quick freezer, it can maintain the taste and nutrition close to the original even after thawing.


Q3: What has changed compared to before CAS was introduced?

A3: In general, marine products are eaten only in that season due to their characteristics, but CAS processed products maintain their freshness and nutrition, so we can enjoy the taste of the ingredients even out of the season.