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CAS is introduced in the book of Dr. Yuji Haneda, Director of Yutori Dental Clinic.

“Your teeth will be resurrected”
Dr. Yuji Haneda, Director of Yutori Dental Clinic
(Published by Gentosha Renaissance)









“Your teeth will be resurrected” by Dr. Yuji Haneda, Director of Yutori Dental Clinic, has been published by Gentosha Renaissance. CAS is explained as below.

“The groundbreaking ABI’s freezing technology”
The presence of periodontal ligament is key to the success rate of both immediate and frozen tooth transplants. And it was ABI’s CAS freezing technology that made it possible to cryopreserve the periodontal ligament.
CAS is an acronym for Cells Alive System, which literally means the technology to freeze and store cells while keeping them alive. Originally, it was developed as a technology for preserving food for a long period of time without losing its freshness.
The original purpose of cryopreserving a substance, whether it is food or cells, is to minimize qualitative changes in the substance.

This technology has already been put to practical use as a “tooth bank”.