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トンネル式 CTN-1

These specifications are based on the standard model.
Please note that the dimensions and specifications will vary according to your intended use.

Model number CTN-1
Thermal insulation surface material Interior Stainless steel plate SUS304
Exterior Stainless steel plate SUS304
Thermal insulation material Rigid polyurethane foam
Insulation thickness t=150(mm)
External dimensions W13500 × D2200 × H3260(mm)
Single door Aperture W650 × H1800 (mm) 7 units
*With heater
Inspection door Opening portion W450 × H1800(mm) 2 places
*With heater
Belt 1200W stainless steel or steel
Duct Stainless steel
Basic base Dipped in Zn
Condenser Fan 3 phases 200V
Freezer 3 phases 200V
Defrost Heater type, manual, (single phase 200V)
CAS Single-phase 100V 3 phases 200V
Freezing temperature -40°C to -55°C