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Practical use of periodontal membrane transplantation medicine Results of joint development with Prof. Toshitsugu Kawata of Kanagawa Dental University

Kanagawa Dental University
Professor Toshitsugu Kawada

Tooth transplantation treatment has been commercialized by applying CAS freezing technology that does not destroy cell tissue.

I have been devoted to the development of transplanting the patient’s teeth 20 to 30 years by utilizing the tissue called periodontal membrane.
I have tried freezing with liquid nitrogen, gas nitrogen, and dry ice, but no matter which one I tried, the tissue died. At that time, a colleague who is researching heart transplantation introduced me of ABI’s CAS.
As a result of developing technology for the root membrane with the CAS technology, we succeeded in the dramatic development that the root membrane and nerves can be preserved alive and transplanted to one’s own teeth in 20 to 30 years, and I started the tooth bank.

Periodontal ligament regeneration and new tooth transplantation using cryopreservation
“From tooth extraction to freezing storage”

Tooth extraction
Freezing by CAS programed freezer
Preserve in the freezer with harmonic function

From freezing teeth to replanting

Store the teeth in a CAS freezer for a dental storage at -130°C.
Take out from the storage.
Transplantation is possible because there is no tissue damage to the periodontal membrane
Immediately after transplantation.
One year has passed since the transplant. The nerves are alive and the tooth function is completely regenerated.