About the CAS CASとは?

Retrofitting the CAS Engine

We will not let you call it frozen food anymore!!
Aiming for unparalleled quality.

The CAS is not a quick freezer. It is what one would call a “cooking device” that maintains freshness. By installing the CAS Engine developed for quick freezers (rack type, tunnel, spiral, alcohol freezing, and brine freezing) used by manufacturers in Japan and overseas, the quality and flavor can be enhanced. It is already extensively used in tuna fishing boats in Japan and food factories in China. Retrofitting a CAS Engine that can add new value allows for differentiation while still leveraging existing devices.

Note: Only the CAS Engine will be retrofitted to quick freezers from other manufacturers.

Drips are prevented and the texture returns to that of a raw state.

Crispy textures can be reproduced.

After thawing, the eyes of the black throat sea perch become red again.

Its freshness immediately after being caught is revived.

Fat is not oxidized.

The color of the dark red parts of the meat does not change.

Natural thawing does not cause the formation of white wax, cloudiness, or yellowing.

Discoloration of buckwheat flour is not observed and the flour does not break apart when kneaded.

The characteristic aroma of matsutake mushrooms remains.

Pungency and relish can be reproduced.

The juicy and crunchy textures, as well as the sweetness, remain.

The relish comes through in the taste.

The possibilities are endless.
Moving to the next stage by equipping with the CAS Engine.